Spain Pyrenees Trips

Trip dates: August 4 – 11, 2020.

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Join us as we explore the mountain landscapes of Northern Spain! Hike across soul-quenching deep gorges and canyons, climb to the castles of Aragon, behold the power of the Pyrenees. The feel of Barcelona, the color, the vitality. The secret of the Jews of Aragon and Catalonia.

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

sp mirador

The jewel in the crown of the Aragonese Pyrenees, popular with hikers and climbers, the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park encompasses four valleys: Ordesa, Añisclo, Pineta and Escuain. Grandiose canyons, fish-filled streams, sheer cliffs, exuberant vegetation, powerful waterfalls, in the shadow of Monte Perdido (3,555m).

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This is an area of spectacular scenery with a landscape of towering summits. It has a wide variety of ecosystems with both an Atlantic and Mediterranean influence, which is what gives it such a rich and diverse flora and fauna. The scenery is dominated by the great massif of Monte Perdido (3,355 m), with the peaks of the Tres Sorores branching out into the valleys of Ordesa, Pineta, Añisclo and Escuain. This is a landscape of great contrasts: from the extreme aridity of the upper areas, where rainwater and thawed runoff waters filter through crevices and chasms, and green valleys with woods and pastures, where the water forms waterfalls and rushes through canyons and gorges.

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A magical place to visit, filled with soaring peaks, glacial lakes, cascading waterfalls and all manner of flora and fauna. It’s also one of the most important national parks in northern Spain. Today it also enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status and is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Great hiking trails

The park is filled with many different hiking trails of varying levels of length and difficulty. There are those high up in the rocky pinnacles, those down in the lush valleys or around the edge of lakes, and is well signposted and easy to follow. 

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sp anisclo canyon

Anisclo Canyon


Home of Ancient Glacial Lakes 

The park is filled with stunning natural attractions, some of which include ancient glacial lakes. One of the most spectacular of these is Lake Marboré, close to the Monte Perdido peak.

sp lake

The park is home to over 150 different species of animals.  The park is home to around five species of amphibians, eight reptiles, 106 types of birds and 32 mammals. These include ospreys, golden eagles, groundhogs, wild boar and goat-like antelopes.


The park is home to the highest calcareous massif in Europe – a range of mountains made from calcium carbonate and limestone. At the centre of the park stands the magnificent summit of Monte Perdido itself – at 3,355m (11,000 ft), it’s the third highest peak in the Pyrenees.

One of the most beautiful parts of the park is the Ordesa Valley

sp bridge

Sp ordesa valley.jpgThe park covers 156 square kilometres and is made up of a variety of different areas – from high massifs to glacial valleys, rivers and waterfalls. One of the most attractive areas of the park is the Ordesa Valley, after which the park is named, which is crossed by the Río Arazas River.

sp cola de caballo waterfall

Cola de Caballo Waterfall


Accommodations in Larres

The house El Churrón is located in Larrés , a medieval mountain town, between Sabiñánigo, Biescas and Jaca (Huesca) in the Aragonese Pyrenees .  It has 13 rooms each with its bathroom and individually decorated, living room of 100 m2 with fully equipped kitchen and dining room for large groups of up to 35 people . The adjoining El Churron Hotel provides us with additional rooms for participants and staff.

The kitchen will be for KSA’s exclusive kosher use. Featuring a huge terrace and garden, the house is ideal for lovers of nature and outdoor sports, and is ideal for group gatherings. 

The house is built with typical materials from the area: stone, wood and wrought iron. All rooms are exterior, very spacious and bright, most with balcony. Each room has its own bathroom with shower, flat screen TV, parquet floor, built-in wardrobe and desk.

The hotel rooms are simple, each decorated with its own style. Equipment: full bathroom with bath, TV, individual heating, built-in wardrobe and desk. All are exterior with views of the mountain of Peña Oroel or the town of Larrés. Most have a balcony.

Larres is surrounded by mountains and is an ideal point to visit the Pyrenees, Ordesa National Park, Tena and Aragón Valleys. The area is very quiet, and it invites relaxation and contact with nature.

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casa rurale dining area

double room


The General Area:

This year’s KSA Spain trip will be focusing on Aragon, located in northeastern Spain.

Aragon includes three provinces (from north to south): Huesca, Zaragoza, and Teruel. Most of our activities will be in the Huesca province.

The capital of Aragon is Zaragoza  (also called Saragossa in English), which is an hour away from where we are staying in Larres. Covering an area of 47720 km2 (18420 sq mi).  the region’s terrain ranges diversely from permanent glaciers to verdant valleys, rich pasture lands and orchards, through to the arid steppe plains of the central lowlands. Aragon is home to many rivers—most notably, the river Ebro, Spain’s largest river in volume, which runs west-east across the entire region through the province of Zaragoza. It is also home to the highest mountains of the Pyrenees.


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KSA Tentative Itinerary: Spanish Pyrenees 2020

Kosher Summer Adventures is the only English-Speaking hiking trip
that gives you access to the remote and pristine Pyrenees!

Kosher Summer Adventures Offers you:

* Three levels of hiking:

Advanced=Lions. Intermediate=Tigers. Walkers=Bears.

*Fresh, healthy Glatt Kosher meals cooked by the KSA cook

Hearty soups, plenty of salads, cook vegetable dishes, fresh fish and low on the carbs with chicken on Shabbat

*To recapture your childhood exciting fun with Rafting (river level 1-2)

*Tefila B’minyan+Sefer Torah where there is no Chabad.

*An inspiring Shabbat experience in this remote nature destination!

*Group bonding through challah baking and around the dinner table discussions.

As you hike the Pyrenees you will be joining a very select group of Kosher hikers because with the logistical difficulties and remoteness of the Pyrenees very few Kosher hikers get to hike the Spanish Pyrenees!

Tuesday August 4

Meet the KSA bus at Barcelona airport -Depart for Presa de Embalse del Grado

Reach the KSA Bayit in Larres+Supper+Orientation+Evening Walk in Larres

Wednesday August 5 Introduction to Ordesa National Park

Depart for Torla and Ordesa National Park

Hike from Pradera Parking to Waterfalls of Ordesa Valley

Optional: Swimming in Bubal Lake or Walk around Biescas

Night Lecture: The Jews of Aragon

Thursday August 6: The Spanish “Grand Canyon” Day!

Ordessa National Park+ Jeep trip to Mirador+Dinner+ Challah Baking

Friday August 7 :  Day of Hidden Lakes!

Lacs D’Ayous:  Discover the Three Lakes!  *Kabalat Shabbat and Seuda+Tisch

Shabbat August 8:  An Island of Time in Aragon

Tefila+Kiddush+ Learning session+Seuda+Menucha+Walk to Mirador Larres

Ted style Participants talks+Seuda Shlishit and Havdalah

Sunday August 9: Castles and Rafting Day!

Short Riglos hike+ Castello de Loarre+ Rafting Final Dinner in the Pyrenees

Monday August 10: Special Hike to Ibon de Piedrafita

With a tear in the eye the Farewell Dinner,Sharing Memories and Recollections

Tuesday August 11

Shacharit,Breakfast,Lunch prep and depart for Barcelona Airport

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