Active Seniors Chamonix French Alps Trip

Achievers and Dreamers: Come walk with us from the Alpine resort village of Chamonix, France. Explore the Chamonix Valley, the mountain lakes and the lush green and splendid flowers of the Alps.

Trip dates: June 2-9, 2020

Are you an active senior and have dreamt of being on the Alps?

If Not Now – When?

Kosher Summer Adventurers has created a nature trip for people like you who love walking and being in nature. 

*Daily 2-3 hour easy-going nature walks

*Cable cars to awe inspiring Alpine Vistas

*Boat rides

*Sight-seeing with local tour guides

*All dietary needs provided for: vegan, gluten free etc.

*Onsite cook who is waiting to prepare a cocktail for you

*Luggage porters

Tentative Itinerary

Day 1: Tuesday: Chamonix

Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm you will meet the KSA bus at the Geneva airport and within an hour will arrive at the resort village of Chamonix, France. Freshen up and   go on a walking tour of Chamonix Centre, and finish dinner with Icebreakers.

You will be staying in upscale Chalets. Each room has a bathroom and shower.

Day 2: Wednesday:  Follow the Jewish Border Escape into Switzerland at Le Tour

A half hour bus ride will bring us to the border with Switzerland. We will ascend the mountain with both a cable car and chairlift. From there it is an hour walk  to our first Alpine mountain and its views.

We will be standing where the jews made their mountainous escape into Switzerland.

We will retrace our steps back into France, and as we descend towards the gondola, we will stop for a picnic lunch, while listening to the cowbells ringing in the wide pastures facing the Argentiere Glacier.

After an afternoon fiesta we will venture out for  a late afternoon guided walk, which will include a stop at the site of the Jewish Children’s Home to which Jewish orphans were evacuated after their parents had been deported by the Nazis. We will also hear the story of the summer camp and education provided to these children, to prepare them for the next step in their journey towards the land of Israel.

Evening program- An audiovisual program on “Jews in France – From the Roman Empire till Today”.

Day 3: Thursday:  Le Buet Rescuers who endangered their lives to save the Jews escaping to Switzerland

After Davening and breakfast

It will be a 15 minute walk to the train to the Hotel Le Buet. This hotel owner repeatedly took in Jews at great personal risk to himself and his family, fed them, provided alibis for them, and personally guided them to safety in Switzerland, from where they continued to Palestine to help in the establishment of the Jewish state.

We will then go for a 1.5 hour walk following their route through the forest trails and also passing waterfalls in the direction of the border crossover.

Midday you will experience KSA’s unique “Meet the French Locals” program

In the afternoon we will climb to our next Alpine mountain via the the Montenvers Panorama Tramway and visit the Glacorium and Crystal museum, and the “Sea of Ice” Glacier.

After dinner, participate in Challah baking and a campfire with a glass of wine or beer.

Day 4: Friday:  Experience being on the Second Highest Mountain in Europe! Aiguille du Midi Summit Terraces at Mont Blanc!

Its a 30 minute walk to the two cable cars that will take us up to a height of 12,000 feet!

We will go from wearing t-shirts in the valley to winter coats on the mountain!

Standing on Mount Blanc is an exhilarating experience as you can see as far as the earth curvature -180 kilometers!

Back in the valley we will go for an 1.5 hour walk along the L’Arve River.

Followed by Ice cream and free time strolling on the Chamonix Center Promenade

Back for our pre shabbat fiesta followed by Pre-Shabbat Ruach, Candlelighting, Kabalat Shabbat and Shabbat dinner.

Day 5: Shabbat Kodesh: 

Kiddush and Shiur will follow Tefila .

During Shabbat lunch people will be invited to share some of their life experiences.

Shabbat Menucha will be followed by TED talk style presentations (10-15 talks) by the participants.

Mincha and an afternoon Shabbat stroll to Gailland Lakes where we will pass the rock climbing wall. No rock climbing for us because it is Shabbos and you have to be a little meshige ( alot meshige!)

Day 6: Sunday:  La Gorge de la Diosaz and Annecy

We begin our day with a 30 minute picturesque train ride to Servoz, followed by a 30 minute walk through a picturesque French village as we approach our destination and hear the exhilarating sounds of the mountain waterfall cascading into the gorge.

From there we are off to the medieval town of Annecy.

This sightseeing adventure will be a combination of tasting the varieties of berries/fruits at the marketplace, a boat ride on Lake Annecy, touring the medieval castle and meeting with the Community Rabbi to and learn about “Jewish Outreach in Southern France Today”.

Day 7: Monday: 

We begin our morning with our third Alpine ascent via cable car to the Grand Montet. Filling your mind and heart with pristine Alpine air and inspiring views.

In the Afternoon:  We will be Swimming and/or Boating  at Lac de Passy

Day 8: Tuesday:  “I’m so glad we had these times together, just to have a little dance and song…”

Davening, Breakfast, Proceed to Airport and Farewell!