About KSA

KSA – Kosher Summer Adventures is an Efrat based initiative providing affordable access to amazingly beautiful places. Bringing years of experience in running Jewish educational programs, Rav Dani Epstein and Josh Rubin of Efrat have teamed together to offer people  who share a desire for Kashrut and Shabbat observance, the enjoyment of good company and a thrilling week of rejuvenation, discovery, fun, excitement and relaxation.

We believe that Shomer Shabbat/Kosher people should have the opportunity to see the most beautiful places in the world without paying exorbitant prices.”

In order to offer the most affordable package, we stay in accommodations that allow us to kasher everything and bring in our own chef.

During the week we crank up the music and slice and dice together while on Thursday night we fill the chalet with the Shabbat aroma of the challahs we bake together. – Dani and Josh

Trip Leaders

dani-grass josh

Rav Dani Epstein and Josh (Yehoshua) Rubin of Efrat lead the trips.

Dani brings vitality, dynamism and drama, heart and soul, to our KSA Trips, as our Mara DeAtra in charge of religious and halachic issues, and as our program planner and tour guide, combining his knowledge of Jewish and European history with his ability to find the most awe-inspiring vistas and hiking routes in all our KSA locations. Dani is an avid skier, ping-pong player and he loves teaching and connecting with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

Before coming on Aliyah, Rav Dani led the Maimonides High School in Vancouver, Canada, and was Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Irvine California. A passionate believer in a moderate, enlightened Orthodoxy and in Religious Zionism, Dani made Aliyah to Efrat 19 years ago. Upon making Aliyah, Dani served as principal of an Israeli High School for 12 years, and he currently teaches Torah subjects, history and literature at YTA High School in Jerusalem, and Jewish Philosophy at the Machanayim Hesder Yeshiva in Efrat. Dani is married to Joy, an Atlanta-born therapist, and has four children, who also love travel and adventure.

Josh is a trained therapist specializing in both helping single people with their dating and helping people lose weight through freedom from emotional eating. He has a M.A. in counseling and is a Master Practitioner of NLP therapy. Josh is married with five children, four of whom are married, and he is also a grandfather. He is a published author – his latest book is called Jonah the Woodchopper. Josh loves ballroom and zumba dancing. He is an avid cyclist and loves playing guitar.