50+ Canadian Rockies Trip

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Total Nature Immersion Canadian Rockies Itinerary (Tentative)

There is a part of us that desires to be surrounded by trees.

A part of us that wants to totally immersed in nature.

A longing to lift up our eyes and to see mountains upon mountains filling our view with only lakes and canyons to separate them.

Kosher Summer Adventures believes that these desires are the voice of our inner being telling us how inspired and fulfilled we feel when we enter into remote nature.

It is for these reasons that we at KSA Kosher Summer Adventures are thrilled beyond words to make the Canadian Rockies accessible to the Kosher hiker!

The Canadian Rockies present nearly insurmountable logistical challenges for the Kosher + Shomer Shabbat hiker.

At KSA we see this as an opportunity to make sure there is a Glatt Kosher, Daily Minyan with a Sefer Torah and Shomer Shabbat, Adventurous, Exciting and Inspiring hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies.

During this Total Immersion trip to the Canadian Rockies
Kosher Summer Adventures will be offering you:

  1.  Three levels of hiking:
    Advanced=Lions. Intermediate=Tigers. Walkers=Bears.
    Details of Hiking Levels

  2. Fresh, healthy Glatt Kosher meals cooked by the KSA cook.
    Hearty soups, plenty of salads, cooked vegetable dishes, fresh fish, and low on the carbs with chicken on Shabbat.

  3. The opportunity to recapture childhood fun with River Rafting (river level 1-2) and/or kayaking

  4. Group bonding through challah baking and around the table dinner discussions.

During the trip we will be:

*Hiking   *Canoeing *Cable car / Gondola Rides

*Walking around Lake Louise   

*Witnessing Mountain Views, Waterfalls, and Turquoise Lakes

*Learning about the Indigenous Peoples’ Culture and visiting a First Nation Trading post

*Go on a group hike with private time for exploration, relaxation and/or introspection

*Canadian Rockies Ghost Story campfire evening

*Experience a total immersion night hike


Meet the KSA Bus at Calgary Airport: The KSA Airport Transfer will depart from Calgary Airport at 12:00. Our KSA Rep will be at the appointed meeting place at 11:30 to gather everyone and bring them to the KSA bus, which will depart from Calgary Airport at 12:00 noon.

Cascade Gardens in Banff, Canada. The perfect 5 day Banff Itinerary for non-hikers. Enjoy a gondola ride, hot springs with mesmerising mountain views, relax by lakes & gardens in Banff!
Join us for Light Lunch at Banff’s Cascade Gardens
Image result for images of moraine lake alberta
Circling Moraine Lake

Wednesday   Banff National Park: Sunshine Meadows

Departing the Sunshine Meadows Day Ski Lodge (called a

Our first hike! Today we will straddle the Continental Divide between Alberta and British Columbia.  Unlike most of the Continental Divide, which is characterized by sharp ragged peaks, this region offers 100 square kilometers of fairly flat, easily hiked meadows.  It’s one of the most accessible and beautiful higher altitude hiking experiences in the Canadian Rockies, a garden in nature really, situated at around 7300″ (2250 m) above sea level. Ride the Chairlift , experience stunning 360 degree views from the Viewing Deck, and begin your hike!

Thursday   Banff National Park: Lake Louise Day!

Chateau Lake Louise from Fairview Lookout Trail
This is the Lake Louise area of Banff National Park, a landscape of wonder which has been dubbed the “hiking capital of Canada”.
Image result for Little Beehive hike images
This is us hiking to Lake Agnes Tea House!


Blaeberry Valley Buffalo Ranch
Meet the Buffalo at the Rocky Mountains Buffalo Ranch!
Image result for images canoeing kayaking columbia wetlands

Canoeing at Columbia Wetlands and Swimming at Cedar Lake 


Shabbat Afternoon Nature Walk at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Image result for kicking horse mountain resort summer golden images

Sunday Yoho Day in Yoho National Park!

We will depart for a morning hike from the base at the stunning Emerald Lake. If you have never seen a glacial lake, then you are in for an amazing surprise when you first set eyes on this spectacular jade to turquoise beauty.

Afternoon Sightseeing will include the Natural Bridge, Takakaw Falls and Wapta Falls.


Morning: Hiking at Golden Eagle Mountain

View from Gondola Summit in Banff Canada. The perfect 5 day Banff Itinerary for non-hikers. Enjoy a gondola ride, hot springs with mesmerising mountain views, relax by lakes & gardens in Banff!
Let the Golden Eagle Express gondola carry you to an elevation of over 7,700 ft and into the alpine. From here we will explore many ridges and bowls, each providing stunning views of the surrounding Purcell and Rocky Mountains.

Afternoon: Rafting on Kicking Horse River

Tuesday Early Departure for Banff and Calgary airport.

Book your return flights from Calgary on August 11 after 3:15 pm. The KSA bus will dropoff at the Calgary airport at approximately 12 noon.

Upscale Accommodations at Kicking Horse Mountain


 All-inclusive price of 3150 USD.

The price is per person based on double occupancy. A Single room maybe available. Please ask us.

The price includes everything except the flight.

Your deposit is 1500$ which will be fully refundable until Feb. 15, except for a 50$ processing fee.

Payment can be done either by credit card or bank transfer.

Payment can be done in shekels or Canadian dollars.

You must get travel insurance which covers the trip and your airline ticket.