Intoxicating Tuscany

Josh Rubin’s

Intoxicating Tuscany

The Perfect Balance of Adventure, Comfort, Culture, Kashrut
and Shmirat Shabbat 

May 17-24,2022 

$3990 at Double occupancy

Single room

Glatt Kosher+ Shomer Shabbat+ Minyanim+ Sefer Torah


*Stunning nature walk with waterfalls at Colle di val Elsa
*Tour Medieval Fortresses

*Walk a part of the Via Francigena
*A walking tour of Lari – A 8th century haunted village 
*Mind inspiring views with picnic lunches 


 Staying at a Beautiful Tuscan Villa  
Checkout the villa’s website!  https://www.rosolaccio.com/
*Kosher Wineries +Wine tasting

*A Cocktail evening
*Soaking in the Hot springs of Bagno Vignoni

Relax By Our Private Pool


*An Art tour of Florence
*Be inspired by the works of Michelangelo and Botticelli
of Orvieto, Sienna, Pienza and San Gimignano- 
All UNESCO Heritage Sites 

*An Italian Dance Presentation
*The Medieval Jewish synagogue in Sienna

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Full Itinerary

Day One: Arrival 
and off to our first stop-
Medieval Orvieto

First stop: Medieval Cathedral of Orvieto for visit and picnic lunch

Then off to
Our “Bayit in
San Gimignano

*Check in
*Relaxing time by pool 
*Dinner+ Italian word of the day
 Get to know you

Day Two: Siena – Medieval Horse Racing and Feuding families 

*Shacharit *BreakfastSiena – A Walk back in time: , A Papal palace,  Frescos, Medieval Fortress and Towers 

*Tour the  Synagogue of Siena opened in 1756

Our day ends with a visit to the Kosher Winery, Terre di Seta, with wine and cheese  tasting- Yummy!

Mincha in the shul- The past becomes the present

Kosher Winery Terre di Seta http://www.terradiseta.it/eng/index.html

*Relaxing time by pool *Mincha
*Dinner+ Italian word of the day *Maariv 
 Ballroom dance demonstration

Day Three: The Subtle Taste of the Finer things in Life

*Shacharit *Breakfast + Italian word of the day 
A leisurely nature walk around Castelfalfi.
Castelfalfi is a unique resort framed by its green hills, surrounded by kilometres of vineyards and olive groves, warm sun and a light breeze.

Watch and Experience his passion
Danilo Fantini – Head Sommelier of Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

A walking tour of Lari – An 8th century haunted village with tales of witchcraft!

Cantina Giuliano – A Kosher Winery Tour

Authentic Italian Cooking Workshop  

*Relaxing time by pool *Mincha
*Dinner+ Italian word of the day
KSA Ted Talk (By one of the participants)   *Maariv

Day Four: Walking though the Renaissance

*Shacharit *Breakfast + Italian word of the day 

We begin our day with a stunning, relaxing, quiet nature walk along
the Via Francigena with a picnic lunch

In the afternoon we will be in Certaldo, home to the 14th century renaissance poet Giovanni di Boccaccio . Here is his portrait and one of his poems.

Home to prepare for Shabbat
Candle lighting 7:00 Parashat Behar (Shabbat comes in at 8:10)
Kabbalat Shabbat+ Seuda +Tish

Day Five: Shabbat 

Coffee and cake  
Tefilah with a Sefer Torah+ Kiddush +Shiur 
Lunch+ Menucha
Mincha+ Nature Walk
Seudah 3 
Maariv 9:15 +Musical Havdalah

Day Six: A Time Portal to the Middle Ages 

*Shacharit *Breakfast + Italian word of the day

First Stop: Towering San Gimignano

A Stunning Nature Walk – Sentier Elsa

*Relaxing time by pool *Mincha *Dinner+ Italian word of the day+ *Maariv

Special Cocktail Evening!

Day Seven: Inspiration in Color –
Florence – The Center of Renaissance Art

*Shacharit *Breakfast + Italian word of the day 
An inspirational Art tour of Florence!

*Relaxing time by pool *Mincha
*Special farewell dinner + Italian word contest! 

Day Eight:

Early Check out+ load the bus+ pack a small bag for the Hot springs
Tefila+ Breakfast+ Word of the day+ Farwell to our Italian “Bayit”

 First stop: Pienza

Our Last Stop :The Hot Springs

Time for our group photo
off we go to the airport for farewells
Til our next adventure!

Travel/Airport info:

Day of Arrival
Arrive  at  Leonardo da Vinci International Airport FCO airport

Travelers from Israel – Alitalia gets you in by 7am
Travelers from the U.S. – Both Delta and Alitalia get you in by 7:15 am 

Bus leaves at 9:30 a.m.

Day of Departure
We will drop you off at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport FCO airport
at around 7:30 pm.

The travelers to Israel – Most of the flights leave at 11pm
The travelers to the states can check into the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel for the evening as their flights leave at around 6am. 

The hotel for the evening is around extra 150 euro for two people. For the adventurous -You can cab it into Rome and enjoy an evening in Rome.