Religious Observance



The Bayit Kitchens are kashered by Rav Dani Epstein and Rabbi Josh according to Strict Orthodox halachic standards. Some basics will be brought from Israel, the rest is purchased at the Kosher Supermarket in Geneva. Fruits and vegetables are purchased locally. We will also be following the kosher products list put out by the French Rabbinate. One of the KSA group activities is the cooperative cooking and preparation of the Shabbat meals. Participants are also invited to volunteer to prepare a favorite dish to be shared at one of the meals during the week.

No matter where KSA is in the world Thursday night we make challahs. Combining the beautiful nature sceneries with the beautiful comradery of kneading together and bringing the light of Shabbat to some places that have never tasted the sweetness of challah.



Our Shabbat celebration includes evening and morning prayer services with singing, festive meals, short scenic group walks, optional shiurim and discussions, mincha and maariv, niggunim, havdalah.

Daily Davening


We have group davening three times daily for all who choose to participate, with a minyan anticipated at least once a day. We are bringing a Sefer Torah to Chamonix and the Dolomites for Kriat HaTorah on all groups.