“The SIX reasons KSA is the best European Kosher Summer Trip”,

by Chaim S., Teaneck March 15 at 12:11 PM

I went on Kosher KSA Kosher Summer Adventures trip to the Alps and want to share the SIX reasons why I think it is the best European Kosher Summer Trip!

*Price- We all work hard for our money and want to get the most bang for our buck.

*Adventure- We want safe and exciting adventures. Led by professionals who are fully insured and have years of experience leading people on outdoor adventures.

*Feeling- We want to feel Alive. We want to move our bodies. We want to lace up our hiking boots and swing our hiking sticks as we witness the incredible views of the Alps

*Logistics- We want someone to take care of all the kosher food and adventure itinerary.
Yes we can eat tuna fish and cold cuts for a week. Yet we would rather pay to have someone thinking about our kosher meals and preparing scrumptious satisfying kosher food.
This is our vacation and we want to relax, have fun and not have to think about details and logistics.

*Frumkeit – We want a trip that has a Sefer Torah, inspiring Shabbat davening, Glatt Kosher, soaks all the vegetables, checks the eggs while at the same time has an easy going hashkafa where no one is judging anyone else ,no one is looking who gets up for davening and I can wear pants if I want to.

*Nice People- Sometimes you go on a trip and you start quoting the French philosopher who said; “Hell is other people” That is why we want someone to vet everyone who comes. That only allows nice people to participate and has the people and managerial skills if someone is holding up the group.

These are the SIX reasons why I think the koshersummeradventures.com is the best European Kosher Adventure.

IN FACT I went once and am GOING BACK AGAIN! 
Chaim S. ,Teaneck


“I have travelled with KSA twice, and I’m going this summer with KSA to the Pyrenees in Spain!”

by Ann Berman, Baltimore March 11, 2019

I have travelled with KSA twice– to the Dolomites in Italy and to the Julian Alps in Slovenia.  I had a wonderful time on both trips. 

The first time I went, I didn’t know anyone but found that a trip for Jews that are shomrei mitzvos and enjoy hiking and being outdoors attracts nice people.  The trip included everything I wanted:  hiking in the mountains with beautiful views, some other adventures (like rafting), a chance to explore a scenic and quaint village, a chance to learn about the Jewish history of the country, nice accommodations and best of all — healthy, nutritious, tasty kosher food!  I didn’t have to worry about bringing meals for myself.  KSA took care of kashrus and had enough food on hand for all of the participants for all meals and snacks.  Dani, an Orthodox Rav, was in touch with local kashrus experts so he knew what the KSA staff could buy locally and what to bring in from other places. 

Most days, hiking included options for people who wanted some hiking and people who wanted more intense hiking.  Along the way, I got to walk alongside others from the group and chat.  If the trail was steep, we encouraged each other along. It was wonderful to spend a day hiking or engaged in other activities and return back to our “bayit” to find a delicious hot dinner waiting for us.  Some nights included a campfire and a chance to sit around, talk and share stories. Participants shared interests and talents with the group.

Shabbat was lovely.  We set up our own “shul” outside with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop.

KSA offers a kind of trip that is unique with its focus on doing outdoor activities in the national parks of other countries while it brings together people from all over the US and Israel.  I am looking forward to my trip to Barcelona with KSA this summer!