Yam L’ Yam

 Yam L’ Yam! 
The five day hike from the
Kinneret to the
Mediterranean Sea!

April 24-28, 2022

4150 shekels per person

All inclusive: Week long transportation, All meals, Comfortable Accommodations, Licensed Tour Guides

Two levels of Hiking:

1. Hikers will walk every step of the 85k from the Kinneret to the Mediterranean Sea. Walking approx. 12-18 kilometers a day

2. Walkers will hike Yam l Yam highlights approx. 5-7 kilometers a day

Each level will have their own tour guide!

Limited to 26 people!

Yam L’Yam
The five day hike where your dream becomes a reality!

Day One: From the Kinneret to Road 85, via Nachal Amud

We begin with collecting water from the Kinneret. Water we will carry with us and reunite with the Mediterranean.
We will say goodbye to civilization and enter Nachal Amud on the Israel Trail.
Soon, cliffs will close in on us on both sides, and we will be walking in a canyon.
Trees and cliffs continue to surround us, as the trail goes back and forth from one side of the riverbed to the other.

Length: 10 kilometers -Approximately 6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate hiking+ Terrain: Smooth road, then smooth and rocky hiking path
Length:  5 kilometres-  Approximately 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate hiking+ Terrain: Smooth road, then smooth and rocky hiking path
Post hike: Unwinding time at the Amnun Beach
Day Two: From Road 85 to the Meron Campsite, via Nachal Amud & Nachal Meron

Early in the morning, we will begin walking in beautiful Nachal Amud, and after an hour, the path begins to climb up rocky terrain.
The scenery is dramatic as we will see cliffs, caves, aqueducts and olive groves.
After a few hours of hiking, we will reach the Rooster Pools for lunch and a dip in the water to refresh ourselves for the last leg of the hike.

: 12 kilometers+ Duration: 8 hours
Difficulty: Challenging!+Terrain: Rocky ascents and descents, smooth paths
Water Crossings: Four or five (shallow), optional swimming
Length: 5.5 kilometres+ Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: Challenging, because of the terrain and a mild uphill. +Terrain: Rocky ascents and descents, smooth paths
Post hike: Some free time to enjoy galleries and shopping in Tsfat

Day Three: From the Meron Campsite to Pekiin, via Mt.Meron

We will have an early start so that we can make the climb to Mt. Meron (in three segments) before it’s hot.
We’ll see a Talmudic synagogue, ancient burial tombs, and a Byzantine industrial farming area.
Our final serious ascent will be to the peak of Mt. Meron where many take off their backpacks, open their arms, and twirl in circles while singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music…”. It happens every time. And what a view this peak offers!
The last leg of the hike will be on roads with beautiful views seeing both ancient Jewish and modern Druze sites.
: 16 kilometers+ Duration: 8 hours
Difficulty: Moderate+ Terrain: Ascent on rocky trail (first two hours), walking on relatively flat and smooth jeep paths, smooth roads
: 6 kilometres+ Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate+ Terrain: relatively smooth walking paths and then mostly downhill
Post hike: Visit the scenic Galilean village of Pki’in: Rashbi’s cave and town spring

Day Four: From Pekiin to Park Goren, via Nachal Keziv

By starting early, we’ll be able to walk on shadeless roads for two hours before the heat sets in. We will walk from Pekiin to Maalot and then make our descent with very beautiful scenery to Nachal Keziv and the monumental  Montfort Castle.

: 18 kilometers+ Duration: 8 hours
Difficulty: Challenging + Terrain: Smooth road (approximately 2 hours), relatively flat and smooth hiking trail with water crossings, final ascent on rocky trail  + WaterCrossings: Many
: 7.5 kilometers+Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: Challenging downhill +Terrain: mostly smooth, and then flat walk on jeep trail
WaterCrossings: Many
Post hike: Back to the hotel to rest

Day Five: From Park Goren to the Mediterranean Sea, via Nachal Keziv

We will descend from Park Goren down to Nachal Keziv, and walk in the riverbed,the avocado plantations and the banana fields of the coastal plain.
Suddenly, the path turns to sand.
Suddenly, we see the sea.
Suddenly, we are at the Achziv Beach and are touching the water of the Mediterranean Sea.
Suddenly, we have crossed the enter width of the Land of Israel! Mazal Tov. What a feeling!

: 15 kilometers+ Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate +Terrain: Rocky descent, then relatively smooth hiking path with water crossings, then smooth road, jeep path, and rocky path, and finally – sand
Water Crossings: Many
Kibbutz Nature trail easy 3km forest trail+ Keshet Cave 
Finish Yam le Yam hike- about 5.5 km flat walk  to the sea
Length: 8 kilometers+ Duration: Whole day in segments. The last part of yamleyam is about a 2 hour walk

Staying at the Inbar Kibbutz Guest House


Transportation details:
You can come+ return with the YLY bus or bring your car.
*If you come by bus we are meeting on Sunday at 8:00 am leaving from Binyanei Hauma, Jerusalem, traveling via the Jordan valley to Migdal. 
*If you are coming by car you will drive to the Migdal Shopping Center on Highway 90.
Leaving your car at the beginning of the hike. At the end of day one the bus will bring you back to your car and then you will leave your car at the guest house until Wednesday. On  Wednesday night you will drive it to the beach (the end of the hike) and cab it back to the guest house (Cab cost will be split by participants) This way your car will be at the end of the hike and you can directly drive home.
Food Arrangements:
On the first day you bring your own lunch.
Suppers will be a full sit down meal. There will also be a vegetarian and vegan menu.
As we are leaving every morning at 5:30 am, after supper you will be packing up your breakfast and lunch.
3985 per person at double occupancy / 4885 Single room
Refund Policy: As this is an extremely popular hike the down payment is 50% of your fee with clearing your balance 30 days before the hike begins.
In case of injury or family loss your fee will become a credit towards the next YLY.
In all other cases you can receive a refund if you purchase travel cancelation insurance.
There will be no refunds from YLY 
1. Paying your down payment either via credit card or bank transfer
2. Filling out the health declaration +Terms and conditions+ Hikers/Walkers declaration
3. Deciding on your Hiking level either Hikers or Walkers with Josh Rubin -The program leader 
3. Supplying a vaccination/recovery certificate 

For registration call Josh Rubin at 0504259191
For more info visit https://koshersummeradventures.com/yam-l-yam/