Yam L’ Yam

Israelis/Anglos: Now is the time to get back to nature!

The most inexpensive Yam L’ Yam Hike (Tav Segol) Only 2985 shekels! (Per person)

A hike from the Kinneret to the Mediterranean Sea For both beginners and advanced! For both the young and the young hearted!

Hiking with community service! 4 days hiking with 1 day of community service 

November 22-26, 2020.

Tav Segol : Social distancing with all eating, activities and Tefila outside.  


Sunday November 22: Rachel the Poetess inspiring the new Jewish farmers

5:00 am KSA Bus from Binyanei Hauma, Jerusalem
6:30 Pick up at Alonit stop area on Route 6 . You can leave your car there and we will drive you back on Thursday so you can pick it up. 
9:00 Meet at the Migdal Shopping Center on Highway 90 with opening ceremony and collecting water at Kinneret  (bottles provided.) Bring your own lunch
3 pm Beginners arrive at Inbar Kibbutz Guest House http://inbar.co.il/virt/inbarlodge/  
6 pm Advanced arrive at Inbar Kibbutz Guest House http://inbar.co.il/virt/inbarlodge/ 
7:30 Supper and  campfire
Trail Length: From the Kinneret to Nachal Amud Beginners 5km; Advanced 10km.

More Hike Info:
Terrain: We begin at -200 meters below sea level and end at 50 above sea level. At the beginning, the terrain is flat, but after a while we are ascending in a beautiful canyon, on a path that has cliffs on both sides and there are rocks to traverse here and there. It is not considered a very difficult day.
Highlights: The Kinneret, farming, and yearning.

Monday November 2: Where Heaven and Earth meet-Tzfat Kabbalists and the Flour Mills

6:15 Tefila  (Together if there is a minyan)
6:45 Breakfast and collect your packed lunch
7:45  Bus leaves for Nachal Amud 
3 pm Beginners arrive at Inbar Kibbutz Guest House   
6 pm Advanced arrive at Inbar Kibbutz Guest House  
7:30 Supper and Erev Shira- You can submit requests
Trail Length: From Nachal Amud to Meron  Short 5km; Long 10km.

More Hike info:
Terrain: We begin at 50 meters above sea level and end at 650 above sea level. This is a day of constant ascents, and we traverse rocks and boulders as we continue through the canyon of Nachal Amud. Many claim that this is the hardest day, terrain-wise. It is a challenging day, but with great beauty.
Highlights: The wool mills that funded Tzfat Kabbalists and then turned into flour mills.

Tuesday November 24: Community Service with Tenufa B’Kehila

7:00 Tefila  (Together if there is a minyan)
8:00 Breakfast and collect your packed lunch
8:45 Bus leaves for our community service

Together with Tenuka B’Kehila we will doing home repairs for welfare families whose homes are in dire need of repair. For example; Elderly people and Holocaust survivors,Physically or emotionally impaired individuals,Families of terror victims or lone soldiers .
Please check out   https://www.tenufa.org/

To donate please go to: https://secured.israeltoremet.org//donate/makedonation?MakeDonation=1&AmutaGovId=580584530
Please mention your participation in Yam l yam

Wednesday November 25:  The light shared by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and the Chalutzim

6:00 Tefila  (Together if there is a minyan)
6:30 Breakfast and collect your packed lunch
7:30 Bus leaves for Meron
3 pm Beginners arrive at Inbar Kibbutz Guest House   
6 pm Advanced arrive at Inbar Kibbutz Guest House  
7:30 Supper and campfire
Trail Length: From Meron to Maalot  Short 9km; Long 15km.

More Hike Info:
Terrain: We begin at 650 meters above sea level, climb up to 1000 on Mt. Meron, and then descend, ending at 550 meters above sea level. The first half of the day is ascending, the second half is descending. Breathtaking views from the mountain.
Highlights: Rashbi’s nearby grave, Yisrael Bek’s Farm, Pekiin.

Thursday November 26: Dreaming about being a free people in our homeland

4:45   Advanced Coffee and cake
5:00   Advanced Bus leaves for Maalot with extra large packed lunch
8:00   Breakfast for beginners
11:30 Beginners bus leaves

6 pm arrive at Achziv Beach +Closing ceremony + BBQ supper  
8:00 Bus leaves for Alonit on Route 6 and Jerusalem Binyanei Hauma
Trail Length: From Maalot to Mediterranean Sea! Short 7km; Long 22km.

More Hike Info:
Terrain: We begin at 550 meters above sea level and end at the sea (which is usually sea level). The first hour of the hike is a descent on a road, then we walk in a canyon without big ups or downs, but via rocks and paths and pools. The second half of the day is totally flat. This is by far the longest day of the hike, and the last few kilometers are always challenging, but when you see the beach in front of you, it’s all worth it…
Highlights: Monfort Castle, The Bridge of the 14, Achziv Beach.

Total Trail Length: Beginners 26km; Advanced 57km.

*Staying at comfortable accommodations with hot showers, three meals a day, campfires and all your transportation needs taken care off!
2985 shekels per person with two people in a room.
3400 shekels for a single room.

The least expensive Yam L Yam Hike with all the comfortable creature comforts.

Refund Policy: 
Total refund if the cause is covid related.
50% refund until November 12
For registration and more information call Josh Rubin at 0504259191

Pictures of the accommodations